v1.1 The cinnamon roll patch!

Howdy! Here's that hotfix patch update thingy I promised earlier. This new and improved version comes with...

  • Fixed resolution! Now you can not only play the game, but you can also see the game!
  • Better colour! Prime Minister Goodhair now talks in light blue instead of dark blue!
  • More game-flow! Press SHIFT to skip the introductory dialogue!
  • More cinnamon rolls! The game now has an icon instead of the ugly software engine showing through.

It's unlikely that this game will receive a content patch. The codebase is an absolute mess. That's what happens when you create it in only 2 days. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

As always, if you encounter a problem with the game please drop me a line~  https://twitter.com/hughbumble

I'll be moving on to my next project, which may or may not take shape soon! Stay tuned.

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